Firstly thank you both once again for allowing me to take part in Equiessens. Here are a few of my thoughts.

When I first arrived I was very open minded to what you were proposing to do, I had no previous experience of anything of this nature, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I found both Susanna and yourself very friendly and warm, I felt completely at ease and in complete trust and confidence of you both. You listened to me without prejudice or opinion. I think that you compliment each other really well as you both have your individual roles and expertise which you use in unison.

The place you have chosen for the sessions is beautiful, it gave me such a sense of freedom both physically and mentally. I was able to have space to think without the usual mental clutter. The horses grazing in their paddocks framed in the background by the stunning Cabrera Mountains just adds to the complete sense of tranquility there. Spending time with the horses was amazing, their gentleness and patience with me was no less than magical, Their consistent intuitive sense of my moods was phenomenal and heartbreakingly beautiful. I would leave each session feeling refreshed and so full of positivity.

The time I spent at your centre together with the life keys you provided me with and helped me discover from within, have had tremendous benefits for me in my life. I am lighter, freer and so much happier. I would never have dreamt that these gentle giants would have such a profound effect on me. They truly are Angels.


Thanks both so much for an amazing time!

Lots of love